Boanerges Deaf Initiative (BDI) is a not for profit registered Ugandan organization. BDI is established to provide basic services to the deaf people of Uganda. BDI is located in Semuto. It's 30 miles from Kampala – the main capital of Uganda.

Deaf people in Uganda are very deprived of their rights, because of the negative attitude of hearing people. Deaf people are called kasiru meaning a fool or stupid. Deaf people in Uganda are often victims of injustices such as rape, torture, mob justice along with other tragedies. A barrier between the deaf and the hearing has existed for a very long time. The deaf in Uganda are often thought of as curses, sinners, taboos, a waste of a life, people without use and are outcasts in their communities.

Unfortunately, many Ugandans believe that educating a deaf child is a waste of money, time, and resources. Many families fear showing their deaf children in public, and as a result deaf children are often hidden in houses and suffer from isolation.

The dream to change the name of the deaf people in Uganda will all start with education. The sad reality is that only 2% of the deaf children in Uganda go to school. Taking a deaf child to school is seen as a waste. There are only a few schools for the deaf in Uganda, and their payments are very high. This means that only deaf from well off family can get education – if he or she is lucky.

BDI exists to provide love, acceptance, and an education to these children and their families. We aim to glorify Christ in all that we do.