A sponsorship for a child is 30$ a month. A sponsorship is providing food, medical care and education to the children at our school. When you sponsor a child the money will go into a fund, which allows us to support all children in our care. We think this is the most responsible way for a sponsorship program, as a one-to-one child sponsorship model favors only the sponsored children. This also means that it’s possible for a child to have more than one sponsor. A sponsorship though provides more than food, medical care and education. A sponsorship also demonstrates to the child that they are LOVED! Imagine, “someone cares about me!” The Ugandan deaf children are not used to this. It’s of great value for the children to feel the love and care from a sponsor. We aim to keep in touch with our sponsors every third month to let them know how their sponsored child is doing.

Our gallery of the kids in our care is soon to be updated. If you want to sponsor a child, please visit our donation page here. When you proceed your sponsorship, please type the name of the child you want to sponsor in the text field on the donation page. After submitting to a sponsorship you will receive a confirmation email along with a short bio of your sponsored child.