A sponsorship for a teacher is 100$ a month. When you sponsor a teacher the money will go into a fund, which allow us to support all teachers at BDI. We think this is the most responsible way for a sponsorship program, as a one-to-one sponsorship model favors only the sponsored teachers. This also means that it’s possible for a teacher to have more than one sponsor. A sponsorship will provide our dedicated teachers with a much needed salary for all of the hard work they do at school teaching and meeting the needs of the deaf children. For these awesome teachers, a sponsorship will help ensure that they have a home, food, and will even make it possible for them to use transportation. It is common for them to walk for several hours each day to and from the school. Needless to say this is difficult under any circumstances – especially on an empty stomach. Although the teachers serve the kids out of love and compassion, it is very hard for them to work for a low salary and some have been forced to resign and move on to better paying jobs so that they can care for their own families. This is devastating to the school. For many of the kids, the teachers are the only loving adults in their lives. Finding new teachers who are able to communicate with the children through sign language and are willing to work for a low salary is impossible. Of course, a sponsorship for teachers is more expensive. This is a great opportunity for a company, school group or group of friends. If a ten people commit to sponsoring a teacher, then it’s only ten dollars a month per person. Many hands make light work.

The gallery of our teachers will soon be updated. If you want to sponsor a teacher, please visit our donation page here. When you proceed your sponsorship, please type the name of the teacher you want to sponsor in the text field on the donation page. Thank you.